oh man Rome and Lizzie McGuire this is the life! hi friends!!! lol this post is a long time coming especially considering I visited Rome in March this past year. I know I got very behind my writings, partly to blame is my laptop breaking and having to order a new one but mostly its just because i didn’t make my journaling and writings a priority. It’s sad because this is something I love to do but I just put it behind some other things. Anyway, I’m back and I promise to write more. I have so many notes saved to my phone and journal that I want to share so this is hopefully going to be good content for a little bit.

This post will be all about the eternal city, ROME! This was one part of my study abroad. After London, we traveled to Rome and it exceeded all my expectations! Before we left, we had a study group that met once a week to prepare us for the program. One day we were asked to list the order of the places we were going to visit in order of what we were most excited for. My list went Paris, London, Rome. Since this was my first time to Europe and Paris has been my dream since forever, it naturally was at the top. Then came London because it’s London and Rome was last because not that I didn’t want to go there but it didn’t sound as exactly as Paris or London. That being said, Rome is amazing and everyone needs to go! Maddie and I love the city and the forum!

We stayed for 3 weeks in March. It was so lovely that time of year! Coming from snowy London, it was so nice to see the sunshine. We had a couple days at the beginning of the stay where it was rainy but towards the end it was getting so nice! I could wear a skirt and short sleeves without freezing! It was the very beginning of spring and honestly such a fun time to be there. We stayed at St John’s University Rome campus. It is about a 5 minute walk to the Piazza Cavour. Out of the three cities in the program, Rome felt like it was closest to the city center. London was great because we stayed in Notting Hill which is close to everything too, especially with the tube. But I was amazed at how close everything in Rome is to each other. They had two metro lines and buses but we mostly walked because the metros only went to certain places and the buses weren’t entirely reliable. From the campus, it was a 15 minute walk in one direction to Vatican city, 15 minutes in another direction to the Pantheon, 20 minutes to Trevi Fountain, and 30 minutes one way to the Colosseum. The first night we got there, we walked with our professor James to the Pantheon and my mind was blown! Seriously! This building was built nearly 2000 years ago and I was living 15 minutes away from it. Coming from an American where everything is relatively new in the scale of history, it took a little bit to comprehend this. I was living 15 minutes away from a temple built by the Romans! After this, I pretty much feel in love with the city because it was so full of history and life and art and people and happiness!

I have so much that I love about it and I am sharing the first of hundreds of highlights. Its one of the most unique and marvelous cities in the world! It’s beautiful and needs to be enjoyed by everyone!

the pantheon! james challenged our class to walk inside whenever we walked past it! its free and so worth it! the pantheon is different at all times of the day and you can’t comprehend what its like without seeing it in person
roman forum! we visited the colosseum and the forum in the same day! this was crazy I have never walked outside in a rainstorm as much as this day but it was so nice because we pretty much had the place to ourselves

sadly never found my paolo but this truly is a magical place and I threw multiple coins in so i better find love and come back to rome!

Laocoon and his sons, Byzantine mosaic, and School of Athens

walking along the via appia where Paul walked into Rome

ROMA ROMA ROMA! You amazed me and I love you entirely! I have a couple more things to share from Italy including Florence and Amalfi!

ciao for now until I can return! amanda

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