let’s begin

Writing has always been an escape for me. My favorite class in high school was always English and I loved the days when we could write for the whole hour. Sometimes it was difficult to understand the AP passages, but I loved spending 30 to 35 minutes analyzing a piece of literature and then writing about it. For me, words have a lot of power. They express what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. Yet sometimes, it seems like words can’t get it exactly right. I believe that there is a sort of magic when words fit together and make sense.

July 2019, I moved to the Philippines for a volunteer service mission for my church. I was supposed to be there for 18 months to serve the people, to learn their culture and language and to invite them to find Christ more in their lives. I loved every minute even with the humidity and rain. I promise I will share more about this because it was a life-changing experience. Each night, I wrote in my journal as a reminder of the day. I remembered why I fell in love with writing.

I don’t know why life is hard sometimes, but when it is, I turn to writing and journaling. I think it’s important for everyone to have an outlet they can turn to, and this is mine. I’ve never been olympic athlete or a child actress. But I believe everyone has experienced things in their lives that taught them pain and sorrow, but also joy and happiness. We won’t have the same experiences in life but we can always learn something from each other. So while we are stuck in quarantine, I’m going to share my stories. Let’s begin!

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